About me

Hi there, I'm John... This page should hint at my enthusiasm with everything I do.

The photographic journey.

I originally trained in architecture. I studied for five years at Liverpool University and whilst there, learnt all manner of design based skills. This permeates through all my work, with style and content.

While studying architecture, the demand for beautiful images was paramount, and I started to rediscover an innate talent for framing a composition.

I grasped the opportunity to volunteer for a PhD student in the school of architecture who needed assistants to record an amazing garden in Chandigarh. Don't let the name fool you; the perimeter wall would occupy me for twenty minutes as I ran the boundary each morning.

India marked a big change in my photographic interests. By this point I had long since given up on my SLR for a shiny new digital camera. unfortunately, however, the new camera was only a point and click, and the lack of manual control over the settings left me wanting with my images.

Considering it was 42 degrees Celsius in the shade at this point, I spent my refuge hiding in the air conditioned British libraries, reading everything I could on photography, and reawakening that childhood passion for capturing the perfect image.

Photography has continually evolved and developed for me. As can be seen with the photography section of this website, I have varied interests and experiment with new genres of photography.

One of the biggest defining influences for my photography has been my passion for wildlife photography; sticking stealthily to the shadows and waiting for the perfect moment to trigger that shutter and capture something so beautiful that I had to share it with loved ones.

This influence can be seen through my wedding photography. Often people will express how natural my photos look, how I captured the subject just right; how it is "so them!"


Life beyond the Lens.

I have a myriad of interests which I cherish and help define me:

One big one is my love for animals, resulting in me being vegan - which will be important for my meal during the wedding breakfast!, as I cannot eat anything from an animal (dairy / eggs / fish / honey etc.)

I do love to keep active and busy, so when I am at play, you will most often find me hanging upside down on the climbing wall (I am terrified of heights - but I love the challenge!)

I used to do an obscure little sport called equestrian vaulting. From that, I started gymnastics, and loved it - right up until they bulldozed the gymnasium! (This might explain my penchant for handstands)

I have been learning Kung Fu since 2002 and that will always be a massive part of my character. Recently I have branched out into Ninjitsu as well, which I am loving. This is important for the weddings too; I have been nicknamed 'The Ninja' more than once by wedding guests, as a description of how unobtrusive I am during your big day!

When I can, I love to go sailing and just as rarely, I adore snowboarding; the adrenaline is just incredible.

I love dancing and it has to be Latin American. I have been Salsa dancing for a few years now, and although I am not as adept at it, my heart really lies with Argentine Tango.

That is probably enough about me for now! The best way to get to know me, and see if we can work together, is for us to meet up and discuss your hopes and dreams for your big day!