Bournville College

Bournville College of Further Education.


In November 2010, during my time working for Chapman Designs, I was recruited to work two days a week for BCFE. As the work flow at the college increased during the following months, my contract changed from two to five days a week

As I was soon Promoted to Project Manager, I was responsible for the fitting out of 2 Devon Way, an office for 200 Staff of the College in a building adjacent to the £67m new build.

In order to be constantly present on site while the College was still in its transitional stage, I was asked to move into a hotel for three months. In this way I was able to guarantee that the transition from building site to fully-functional building went as smoothly as possible.

Following the transition, I was employed by the College on a year's contract from January 2012.

Upon completion of the contract, I continued as a contractor for the College until March 2013.

Skills developed: