Well done, medium or rare. - London.

WMOR were looking for an architectural assistant who could come to terms with a complicated Design and Access Statement which had been produced for a client struggling through planning.

The client wanted to update a Design and Access Statement for a legacy version of the project so that they could get the scheme priced up and know a ball-park figure for what they were working towards.

Simultaneously, the client wanted to update the project with the new changes they were hoping to push through.

I joined the project at a stage where a previous employee had left the file, before moving on to other employment. I had to understand the changes that had been done and what was missing, within his file structure and drawing method - while retroactively filling in the blanks for the D&AS and also providing the latest drawings to discuss with the client on site.

The scheme was a £27 million basement and ground floor flat in the Grosvenor estates and required fine detailing and high quality finishes to add value to the property for the eventual owner. Considering the client worked to develop their properties to sell onto the luxury market.

Skills developed:

I had been allocated this task to complete within the 5 weeks I had available before I moved to Saudi Arabia, and completed the task after 3.5 weeks.

The Director of WMOR called me on my last day and said:

"Thank you for your efforts John, I honestly don't think that anyone else would have been able to understand this scheme in the time you had and been able to produced the finalised document we needed. Call us any time you are in London."