Macro Photography

Macro Photography relates to any image shot at 1:1 magnification on the sensor, or higher. For my interests, I am fascinated by the world of differences, colour and textures in our irises, so that is the focus you will find on this section of the website.

The lens I am using here is a fixed focal length, fixed focus point macro lens, which makes it extremely difficult to get the images sharp. Especially with something moving, such as the humans these eyes belong to, even their breathing can throw the focus off.

In order to make the image work, I have to use a flash, close the aperture down to f22 and hold the camera by hand, so that I can move the lens into focus where the person could move too suddenly for a tripod shot to work. It is tricky, but I love the results and persist all the same.

Alex Phil Mia Vasiliki