Engagement Shoot

The Engagement shoot is perfect to get to know your Photographer. Ensuring your beauty shines through.

Engagement Photography

A growing trend among soon-to-be-weds is to arrange an engagement, or pre-wedding, shoot.

There are several reasons for this:

The most popular reason is to meet your photographer and familiarise yourselves with, and discuss the style of, images you would like captured.

Everyone is unique and reacts differently to a camera lens being directed at them. Each photographer has a different style of shooting and directing their clients.

A pre-wedding shoot gives the couple a chance to get to know their photographer, relax with them and to discover what sort of shots they are looking for.

For a bit of context, we do not like to pose our couples, we prefer them to relax and try to ignore the fact that we are there. This way, you can enjoy your day without the distraction of a fixed smile on your face and constantly looking for the lens.

If any particular shot is aimed for, the approach we take is to stand the couples in the right position relative to their surroundings and then encourage them to relax and laugh naturally. These photos are more spontaneous and comfortable, and that shines through with the final images.

The day is about you and your families. It is about having a good time and remembering the events of the day, without worrying about each picture or posing uncomfortably, or thinking back on hours spent being bossed around.

Get in touch to discuss the details of your big day and when you would like to meet for a pre-wedding shoot.