Trash - The - Dress

This is the shoot you couldn't get away with on the big day. Your personality immortalized.

Trash the Dress / Rock the Frock

'Trash the Dress', also known as 'Rock the Frock' photography is both relatively new, and fascinating. Brides across the globe are beginning to realise that their dress is languishing in their wardrobes after their big day, pointlessly gathering dust. So many people would really like to express themselves and their personalities on their wedding day but are conscious of convention and the expectations of their relatives. So they turn to Trash the Dress or Rock the Frock photography.

This is a second chance for you to wear the dress you married in, and collaborate with your photographer once again to capture some timeless memories of you in traditional wedding wear, but doing the activities you love and would have loved to indulge in during the big day if convention would only allow!


The opportunities here are endless... we just need a dose of imagination and the results shall prove ever-lasting. Something to hang on the wall and really make you smile when thinking back on your wedding.

This gives you the opportunity to have photos in a dramatically more impressive location - somewhere you could not get to while keeping the dress clean - hence the title.

Contact us and we can discuss what you have in mind, or we can discover a scenario to bring out your personality through these photos - creating photos that will have everyone talking about your wedding long after the day is a distant memory.