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The slideshows below are an example of what you will receive following the wedding. They will be uploaded for you with a link you can share with all your friends and family.

The slideshow is choreographed to music of your choice and makes the photos an emotional experience - so excuse the men if they are pretending they just cut onions...


The Slideshow to the right features the wedding of the Brocklehursts, who married at Laguna Beach, California.

The day was a dream with beautiful weather, chilled out guests and a bride, so relaxed she went for a run when she should have been getting ready!

Everyone loved the day and the slideshow, combined with their choice music, will always remind them of the quirks of their wedding.


Eddie, is a big Hundred Reasons fan. His cousin, who plays in a band, performed the first wedding song for the couple and it was this track, 'Find You.' He can be seen practicing the song in the garden - still with napkin tucked into his shirt (0:32) - while Eddie was getting breakfast...

They were such a fun couple, both incredibly relaxed and loving the day. This really comes across in the photos where they are so comfortable with each other and the events (the black and white image of Tash's veil blowing up is still one of my favorites - right place, right time).


Sam can be seen dancing to Bruno Mars song featured at the start of this slideshow, the girls, stacked outside the church ready to go in, sang and danced to this track to psyche themselves up (2:03). The second track of this slideshow was the song Sam and Paul met to, bringing all their memories full circle.

Paul and Sam had a great attitude throughout the day and they were so relaxed and playful - this was brought out in the slideshow by appropriate slides being shown to suit the lyrics, such as "is it that look in your eyes" at the start, while Sam is playing up to the camera.